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Board of Director

Lim Nyuk Foh (Chairman), 43, Mr. Lim founded the PWP Group and appointed to the Board on 2 November 2001. He holds a Degree in Finance majoring in Investment from the University of Toledo, United States of America. Coming from a family involed in the timber business, he ventured into the trading of timber for the domestic and the foreign market in 1989. Inn 1990, he found PISB to undertake the sawmilling and timber extraction business. He has more than 16 years of extension experience in the timber industry.

Richard Koo Jeen Man (Executive Manager), 36, is a member of the Malaysian INstitue of Accountants (MIA) and the Chartered INstitute of Management Accountants (CIMA). He graduated from Otago University, New Zealand with a Bachelor Degree in Finance and joined accountants firm, PricewaterHouseCoppres in 1997. He has been the Group Accountant of the PWPB Group since 2003.



1st FLoor, Lot 5, Block No. 4, Bandar Indah, MIle 4, Jalan Utara, 90000, Sandakan, Sabah

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